My property – what is possible?

We have many years of experience and extensive knowledge in obtaining permits and variances in all 13 municipalities of Greater Victoria and the CRD for the Gulf Islands.

Once we determine your vision for the project, we’ll start with a zoning analysis of your property. This analysis will help us identify the following:

  • The physical limitations of the building footprint, height allowances and setback requirements.
  • What is allowable to build or renovate on your property without a variance. If a variance is required, we can help you determine if the variance is likely to be approved.
  • Are there any easements, rights-of-way or other legal entities we need to consider?

Next, we’ll thoroughly investigate what is feasible and realistic. We don’t want you wasting time or money designing a project that isn’t viable.

  • We will start by comparing your project to similar projects of the same scale and scope that Flintstones has successfully completed. We can then use those examples as a reference point to offer you with ‘real world’ feedback and advice.
  • We will discuss your “needs”, “wants” and “nice-to-haves” to ensure we are aligned on what is best for you and realistic for your budget.
  • We will offer our feedback on how we can best provide value to your project with suggestions on efficiency, product/materials options and potential opportunities or concerns.

Let’s discuss the possibilities.