Update your Outdoor Living Space for 2024

March 7, 2024

2024 Trends for Revitalizing Your Outdoor Space

As we step into spring, nature and the allure of being outside beacons with renewed vigour, the smell of cherry blossoms sparking ideas of increasing our outdoor living in the coming months. It’s the time of the year when we want to explore new possibilities for our backyard space. 

Trends in outdoor living space design can be big and bold, or subtle and nuanced—especially when they involve landscaping and the garden. But regardless of your preferred style, 2024 promises to bring us in touch with our outdoor spaces: nature-infused design will invoke our surrounding environments to inspire comfortable and exciting outdoor spaces created with a sustainable ethos. 

At Flintstones, we have completed hundreds of outdoor living space renovations on the West Coast, where, from early on, the general trend has always been to embrace outdoor living. We’ve worked with many clients to transform their outdoor spaces, and have had the pleasure of observing trends in how people want to connect their backyard with nature, what they want to do in their outdoor spaces, and what works, and what doesn’t work to make an outdoor living space that you enjoy. Hint: there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

With each passing year, trends in outdoor living evolve, offering fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and new designs for outdoor living areas. Flintstones has rounded up some of our favourite anticipated trends for 2024, encompassing style, plant selections, spatial arrangements, and construction considerations for an updated or new outdoor living space. 

Fusion-Forward: Functionality and Aesthetics

IMAGE: Wildflower

outdoor fire pit
A chef’s kitchen sits beside a gas fire pit to extend entertaining throughout the evening. 

Outdoor living spaces can become seamless extensions of indoor living areas, accessed with ease and designed to bring the outdoors in, and vice versa. The trend leans towards creating multifunctional outdoor living zones that cater to diverse activities, from outdoor dining and relaxation to recreational pursuits like gathering around a fire pit. Regardless of the size of your existing outdoor space, there are many innovative ways you can add dynamism to your backyard space. 

Key elements include:

Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas:

Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and ample seating, outdoor kitchens and dining areas are focal points for social gatherings and culinary adventures.

Cozy Retreats:

Intimate seating areas adorned with comfortable furnishings, fire pits, and ambient lighting offer tranquil retreats for relaxation and contemplation.

Broaden Your Horizons With Hardscaping:

IMAGE: Valdez

An expansive stone patio gives this home a new lease on life

Hardscaping elements can define the structure and character of a backyard space. It literally lays the groundwork for anything from a fire pit to multiple seating areas or an outdoor kitchen. In 2024, the trend leans towards harmonious integration, where hardscape features seamlessly complement the natural landscape rather than overpowering it.

Trending hardscape elements include:

Natural Stone Patios and Pathways:

Versatile and timeless, natural stone is an elegant way to structure outdoor living spaces, providing durable surfaces for everything from al fresco dining to lounging by the pool.

Water Features:

From gushing waterfalls to idyllic ponds, water features add atmosphere and visual interest with little intervention to the existing landscape. 

Outdoor Entertaining 

IMAGE: Coastal Cabana 

Modern backyard pool
Build alongside this new pool and integrated spa the poolhouse houses a gym, yoga studio and sauna. Beside it is a full outdoor kitchen and dining space.

A happy hangover of the pandemic lifestyle is the ease with which people came together in outdoor spaces, adding multiple seating areas, outdoor furniture, fire pits or pools. Trends see homeowners investing in outdoor living spaces that rival indoor counterparts in comfort, functionality and fun. The trend for 2024 focuses on elevating outdoor living through innovative design features and well-chosen amenities.

Noteworthy features include:

Swimming Pools:

Whether it’s a sleek lap pool or a lavish spa retreat, places for physical activity continue to give homeowners a return on their investment, providing opportunities for leisure, exercise and socializing. 


Cold plunge and heat therapy trends are here to stay. The Nordic tradition is coveted for bringing people together to unwind with company. Thanks to the trend, a wide range of saunas and plunge pools are available to accommodate different outdoor configurations. 

Sustainable Practices and Materials

IMAGE: Promenade 

Framing the patio are stairs that access the raised garden while acting as a retaining wall to control the water from the lawn, with drainage added to redirect water flow.

In alignment with the growing awareness of environmental conservation, sustainable landscaping practices and materials are gaining momentum. From water-efficient irrigation systems to recycled building materials, homeowners are embracing eco-friendly solutions to minimize their ecological footprint.

Sustainable considerations include:

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping:

Xeriscaping principles—the practice of including drought-tolerant plants and efficient irrigation techniques—conserve water resources while maintaining aesthetic appeal.=

Permeable Paving:

Permeable surfaces, such as pavers or gravel, reduce stormwater runoff and replenish groundwater, mitigating the impact on natural hydrological cycles.

Going Undercover with a Pergola 

IMAGE: Himount

Outdoor patio under overhang of house with seating area and modern fire pit
The homeowners wanted an outdoor living space that would protect them from the elements and allow them to entertain outdoors all year round.

Nothing allows you to extend your outdoor living space more than a covered outdoor structure or pergola. The increasing range of technological features makes the pergola a popular trend for 2024. For technology-loving homeowners, louvred pergolas let you control sunlight, ventilation and heat. These innovative and practical structures provide versatility to any outdoor space. Whether seeking shade on scorching days or inviting a gentle breeze, a louvred pergola allows you to control sunlight and ventilation with adjustable louvres.

Alternative options include:

Classic Pergola:

A well-built pergola can add a distinct architectural feature to your outdoor living space. On the West Coast, wood is a favourite for its natural qualities that give way to the surrounding outdoors.

Louvred Pergola:

Innovations include adjustable louvres controlled using smart technology for optimal shading and ventilation. Cutting-edge structures integrate weather sensors, LED lighting, and remote operation, enhancing outdoor living spaces with versatility and ease of use.

Embracing Ecological Diversity

IMAGE: Rogers

A pair of experienced, passionate gardeners wanted a space to entertain and showcase their planting. 

In 2024, the emphasis on biodiversity and ecological sustainability continues to shape landscaping trends in outdoor spaces. Gardens designed to support local ecosystems and promote biodiversity are, not surprisingly, gaining traction as homeowners realize the role their gardens can play in supporting local ecosystems. Native plant species remain a cornerstone, celebrated for their resilience and ability to thrive in their indigenous environments while attracting pollinators and beneficial insects.

Popular choices include:

Native Grasses and Wildflowers:

From native grasses like California brome and tufted hairgrass to vibrant wildflowers such as purple delphinium and Camus, native flora adds texture, colour, and ecological value to outdoor spaces.

Pollinator Gardens:

Deliberately planting species that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators not only enhances the beauty of the garden but also contributes to the vital role these creatures play in ecosystem health.

What’s Next 

Outdoor living trends for 2024 reflect an ecological consciousness characteristic of the West Coast, functional design as expressed in well-selected features, and an overall harmonious aesthetic. This year, homeowners will transform their outdoor spaces by embracing native flora, creating multifunctional spaces, and prioritizing sustainability. 

The most important thing about any outdoor space renovation is that the design is deeply rooted in how you live, what you like to do, and how you want to enjoy your space outside. We’ll work closely with you to create a plan that encompasses some of these trends in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.

Book a call with Flintstones to find out what is possible in your outdoor space. 

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