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Cindy Morley

Financial Controller

Cindy, a seasoned Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), brings a wealth of experience to her role as Chief Financial Officer. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to professionalism, she diligently tends to all of your project’s financial requirements. From meticulously tracking expenses to monitoring adherence to budgets, Cindy ensures that you are well-informed about your project’s financial status at all times.

In addition to her exceptional professional achievements, Cindy’s warm demeanor and approachable nature have endeared her to colleagues and clients alike. Her leadership at Flintstones is characterized by an unwavering dedication to excellence and integrity.

Outside of the office, Cindy cherishes moments spent with her family including her beloved Saint Bernard, Abby. Whether it’s enjoying leisurely walks or relaxing at home, Cindy finds joy in the company of her loved ones and her large furry companion.