We want to help you improve and
future-proof the house you live in and love

Whether it’s a new property or one that is already near and dear to your heart, renovating can transform your home.

We can help you breathe fresh life into your home and add to its long-term value. From creating new living spaces—indoor or outdoor—to updating existing ones, we can help you decide exactly what changes you want to make to your home. We have a sensitive, trustworthy roster of skilled contractors who will be respectful of you and your neighbours throughout the process.

House Lifting, Raising and Moving

Lifting your house can expand and benefit your home without having to leave your beloved neighbourhood. Advantages include opening up additional space, creating suites, upgrading your existing foundation, and eliminating structural concerns. It’s a sustainable way to maximize your home’s potential and protect your investment. Flintstones has proven experience in transporting homes, raising homes to create full-height basements, and digging existing crawl spaces to create beautiful legal suites, in-law suites, or simply to add more space for your family.

Exterior of house with three levels
Home gym with exercise equipment

Increased Capacity

Multiple additions can be made to an existing home to increase the scope of opportunity and allow you to stay in your current home. An extension can breathe new life into a house. It is an opportunity to expand a home’s capacity and create unique spaces built specifically to accommodate the future needs of a growing family, like this 1,000-square-foot rear extension that made space for an open plan living room and kitchen, a home office and a new ensuite bathroom. A new suite can open up the option of in-home care, the opportunity to generate revenue with a rental income or the potential to create a legal duplex, like in this historic downtown home.

Outdoor Living

Maximize your home’s full potential by creating outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed all year. From an outdoor dining space or lounge to a pool and pickleball court, we can help you create spaces where family and friends can gather in the fresh air. We can design the ideal landscape for year-round outdoor living by adding hardscaping, appliances, roof structures, or heating and lighting systems to keep you warm and dry. Read more about the full scope of what is possible with an outdoor living renovation here.

House with modern pool and extensive patio

Independent Living

Maintaining independence in your home is strongly linked to greater health and happiness. One study showed that for a 78-year-old, maintaining an active and independent lifestyle increased life expectancy by more than 15 years. Good design and the right future-facing decisions can allow homeowners to remain in their homes safely, maintaining independence and comfort as their physical capabilities and needs change. By working with informed and experienced professionals, this can be an affordable and achievable reality.

One of the biggest barriers to aging in an older home is the ability to move around with ease. From the transition in and out of the home to getting around inside, mobility is a top consideration for most renovations. This can include replacing stairs with ramps — like in this multi-generational James Bay home, adding elevators or chair lifts, widening door frames, or removing walls to create more open space — as in this historic 1920s home.

On a day-to-day basis, there are hundreds of interactions that may be easily taken for granted, but that significantly influence comfort and ease in a home. When mobility changes, some of our most personal, routine actions will be challenged, like using the toilet or taking a shower. Choosing accessories and designs that are easy to use when mobility is impaired will allow homeowners to maintain control over their environment and routines for longer.


We have the vision, skills and resources to make any renovation project go as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our refined processes ensure you know exactly what is going on and that you are given all the information for every decision. Through project assessment and management skills, experienced teams of craftsmen, and knowledge of zoning, bylaws and building codes, the Flintstones team will ensure a renovation goes smoothly and seamlessly.

You can read more about our process here.

Budgets & Schedules

No one ever has extra time or money! We usually find one of these comes to the forefront as the primary concern. That’s why we make your schedule and budget the backbone of all project planning. Before we get started, we will have a high-level conversation about timelines, budgets and your specific project to ensure we’re aligned on general expectations. We’ll start by walking you through some of our previous projects that compare to what you want to do. When you are happy and want to move forward, we will start the design and feasibility phase. You can read more about our project planning process here.

Your project budget and schedule will go through two phases. The terminology we use here is based on the CCDC Agreement which defines a Class B budget as the “higher level” or “preliminary budget” and a Class A as the “detailed” or “finalized” budget. The Class B budget and preliminary schedule are an estimate based on the careful research we have completed during the design and feasibility phase. The finalized Class A budget and schedule accurately represent your exact project and the final decisions that have been made in the last phase.


Construction is when you see your build project come to life! The key people you’ll work with in this phase are your Operations Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator and Flintstones’ Director of Finance. They are responsible for providing clear expectations and communications throughout the construction phase. You’ll receive weekly, biweekly and monthly communication from your project team.

At this stage of our work together, we know what is possible on your property and we need to get formal permission, a permit, to do the work. Once the permitting is complete and we have finalized your Class A budget and schedule, your Project Manager and Project Coordinator will meet to review a “Start of Project” checklist to make sure everything is ready to go on-site. As we move into the construction phase, our team’s priority is to make sure you know exactly what is going on at your property at all times.

Modern house under construction with view of water


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