Our teams have decades of experience, so you can sleep easy knowing your working with experts from day one. Flintstones has the capacity to handle jobs of any size and our project managers can assign a specific specialist team that fits best with your project. This flexibility and our extensive experience working with architects, designers, zoning/bylaw officials and ever changing building codes ensures that you have the best construction experience possible. We look forward to discussing your ideas with you!



When you embark on either a new build or a home renovation project, it is important to apply for building or renovation permits. Not only does this process ensure that the work completed on your home conforms to the building code but it helps protect your investment and will not hinder the sale of your home if you ever want to sell. Our proven knowledge and expertise equates to solid relationships with both city planners and inspectors to help mitigate any issues in permitting and planning.



During our initial Discovery Meeting we will prompt you through a series of questions to learn about you and your family, your lifestyle, must haves, nice to haves, concerns or questions. We will reference our own portfolio images and inspiration that you may have collected to guide the building design process. Together, we will define your style preference including your favourite finishes and features as well as your landscape/ outdoor living requirements to create a design concept that best matches your style and budget.



Many projects require engineer approval for permit applications and their sign off to close the permit. We work with a team of trusted engineers to provide solutions that we implement based on their recommendations. We also acquire building permits on your behalf so you can feel confident that your project will always meet or exceed BC building code standards. Remember, we do it once, and do it right!


Zoning Analysis

A proper zoning analysis allows us to fully-understand what we are able to build on your property including the physical limitations of the building footprint, overall height and setbacks. With site survey information of your property, we are also able to determine if there are any environmental impacts, development permit concerns and whether or not a variance will be required for any proposed work.


Feasibility Study

You may have the most innovative and brilliant home design or renovation idea but is it even possible? A feasibility study is undertaken in the very early stage of a project and is typically done if there is some doubt or controversy. It helps establish whether or not the project is viable, may identify alternate options and can help with identifying possible barriers or issues that may impact budgets or timelines for the home’s completion. Flintstones can help you navigate this process and ensure that your valuable renovation or home construction dollars are well spent.



A variance may be necessary when the position of your existing house encroaches on the side yard setback or when you’re home is over the allowable height limit set out in the zoning bylaw. Presenting a great design solution as well as neighbourhood support to the Board of Variance always increases the likelihood of your application being approved. Knowing that you’ve engaged with an experienced company like Flintstones, will not only help you sleep at night but will ensure that you navigate the variance process smoothly and with the least amount of stress possible.


Hazardous Materials Assessment

Hazardous materials can include everything from asbestos, to lead paint, to mold or solid wastes. Asbestos was used in many commercial and residential materials prior to 1980, including duct tape, floor and ceiling tiles, plaster and insulation. Mold is another common contaminant that can be present in your walls, ceilings or millwork. Whatever the material, our specialized inspection and cleanup practices will remove the contaminant from your home once and for all, giving you peace-of-mind that your family is safe.



Accounting is completed by our full-time Chartered Accountant, not a tradesperson. We use timesheets detailing which parts of the project require work and for how long. We regularly refer to the original budget supplied at the beginning of a project to provide status updates on how we are progressing. Your budget won’t change unless there are requested add-ons or the scope or scale of the project changes. “Add-ons” can quickly add up, that’s why detailed estimating, proposals, permitting and material coordination is essential to a successful project and a happy homeowner.

“I couldn’t be happier with hiring Flintstones to finish out the basement in my 1912 Fairfield home. The finished space is absolutely stunning! Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and the entire process flowed smoothly and as promised. They truly are the best!!! I’m already looking forward to having them help me with my next project!”


“Words sufficiently fail me to adequately convey the quality, attention, and professionalism of all the employees of Flintstones Masonry and their hands-on owner Mike De Palma. We had a decrepit, small, poorly-utilized patio which has high exposure by the front door and wanted one that was low maintenance, semi-private and practical. Flintstones wisely convinced us to have a garden architect design the patio area for us. . . and it resulted in a great, collaborative outcome. Not only did the Flintstones help us with creating spectacular, first-rate concrete and stonework portions of the job, but they were involved in helping us obtain and coordinate the carpentry, electrical, irrigation, and gardening aspects as well. What a team! They get great grades!”


“We were faced with some unexpected issues just after moving into our new home. Lucky for us we made the smart decision to contact Flintstones. Their timely communication, sensitivity to our situation and well thought out plan made the decision to engage them an easy one. The team provided immediate comfort that only the work necessary would be done, that it would be completed to the highest standard and priced fair for the incredible value. We were constantly kept abreast of the project plan, brought into the decision-making process and were extremely pleased with the final product.”

Matt & Becki

“Flintstones re-created a beautiful yard for my ocean front heritage home. Stone walls, stairs and pathways; drainage; lighting; wooden stairway and landing; and house repair and improvement. This company can do it all! They are courteous, clean and caring and finish the job to the customers’ complete satisfaction.”


“I must applaud the service we received from Flintstones. Their professional attitude and work ethic was exceptional. They had great design ideas and their attention to detail is second to none. They were careful to protect our property and gardens and they took the time to do a thorough cleanup afterwards. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flintstones Masonry.”


“I am at a loss of words as to describe how truly amazing every member of the Flintstones team has been with our chimney repair. From our first emergency call with a leak into our basement and living room to cleaning our entire front yard as part of completing the job every step has been ideal. True craftsmen and conscientious members of our community feels like a huge understatement. Mike and every member of his crew are always upbeat, hard working and friendly. A strong focus on both job site safety and quality of work for the “boots on the ground” masons was both refreshing and admirable in a day and age where unfortunately these important considerations are glazed over in favour of profits by too many contractors.”