One area of the home to come the furthest in terms of design over the years is the outdoor living space. Especially on the west coast the outdoors become a natural extension of our living environment. We can often transform an outdoor space where our homeowner that it was impossible by terracing and manipulating grades. What was once just a space to place patio furniture and maybe a grill has become a place for entire kitchens (including the kitchen sink), dining areas fit for a restaurant, fire pits and even full fireplaces. So if you’re ready to update your outdoor living space — give us a call.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

An outdoor dining space is a great way to celebrate family and friends in the fresh air. Outdoor spaces can be created from the most unlikely landscapes by terracing grades from a hillside or exposed rock. A fountain, spa, or waterfall creates tranquil sights and sounds and it can all be completed with beautiful landscape design, including lighting, gardens, driveways, and pathways – all carefully designed, planned, coordinated, and brought to fruition by Flintstones. Our talented architects and designers will work with you in creating the ideal landscape that will work with the new addition of an outdoor living space.

We can create outdoor living for all year round- roof structures, heating and lighting systems will keep you warm and dry throughout the year. Turning steep and hardly usable yards into incredible spaces by creating great designs, and terracing the property to make it usable.

Flintstones CEO Mike De Palma was interviewed by Amy McGeachy for CHEK TV’s Trend. Watch the full segment below!

Outdoor Kitchens

From basic grill islands and enclosures to elaborate gourmet kitchens constructed in all types of masonry (stone, brick, block) as well as products like stucco and tiles — outdoor kitchens are a fantastic addition to your outdoor living space. Flintstones has been fortunate to have been tasked with the design and construction of some of Victoria’s most exceptional properties.

Lighting & Landscapes

Whether you already knew you wanted to incorporate lighting into your design or you want to learn more about the possibilities, a Flintstones consultant will guide you the entire way. We can create glowing focal points around your home and improve the visual beauty and safety of your new Flintstones construction project. Our team will take into consideration your specific light-scaping needs, ease-of-use, functionality and quality of the lighting equipment to offer you a perfectly tailored design.