Don't wait until it's too late.

The consequences of deterioration can range from minor to dire and really depends on how quickly you address the problem. A cracked chimney crown can be repaired quite easily, for example, but crumbling brick up and down the stack poses a serious health and safety hazard. Like any home maintenance issue, the longer you wait to address a problem, the more expensive a repair will likely be. If you’re unsure about what condition your chimney or fireplace is in, contact us for a consultation.


Roof Inspection

By inspecting the rooftop portion of your chimney stack, we can learn:

  1. What issues is your chimney experiencing: spalling, cracking, leaking, deterioration, flaws, and more importantly, why?
  2. If it meets BC Building code height requirements and if it will require bracing.
  3. The condition and integrity of the cap, mortar, brick/stone, flashings and exposed flues.
  4. Using a CCTV camera, we can inspect the flue liners to investigate their condition below the roofline.


Chimney Repair

Many times it’s possible to repair a section of the chimney or add a component like a rain cap or liner to stabilize a chimney problem. We offer chimney tuck-pointing or repointing repairs to joints between bricks and stones that have deteriorated. Our tuckpointers are highly skilled at matching the surface and colour of the old brickwork. We also provide chimney core-cutting, firebox repair, hearth finishing, and waterproofing.


Chimney Restoration

If your chimney has structural issues or has been deemed unsafe, we offer complete restoration services from the ground up. We even offer a special We’ll match the original style of your home’s brickwork, or if you desire, give you a completely new look.


New Chimney Build

If you’re building a new home or doing a major renovation, we offer a full range of chimney design and construction services, including design drawings, that takes you from the concept stage through completion, taking the pressure off you.ent.


Attic, Basement and Crawl Space Inspections

By looking in the attic we can often determine if your chimney is leaking. On older homes, the wood framing was installed directly against the brickwork and there is often evidence of water absorption, rot and mold.

Chimneys usually deteriorate in two locations. The very top where they are exposed to the elements and the bottom where all the water settles. Have you ever thought to yourself, “why does my chimney have open flues and where does all the water go?”.

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