Flintstones is Victoria’s largest and most diverse residential masonry company. From chimneys, brickwork, stonework, sidewalks, walls, patios, driveways – we’ve been doing it all since 1969.



Did you know that concrete is the second most used product in the world beside water? Another fun fact is that it is critical that you work fast in order to guarantee great results. Concrete goes from malleable to unworkable in a very short period of time. There’s no time to ponder decisions in the middle of a pour and you can’t go back and fix mistakes later. Our experienced concrete finishers are critical to the successful completion of your concrete wall, floor, foundation, slab, sidewalk, or driveway and we’re committed to continuing to employ experienced concrete finishers.



We specialize in a dying art form. With new construction methods, it’s rare to find a masonry chimney and fireplace on a home built in the last twenty-five years. Since the demise of these methods, high quality materials have also become scarce. We bring in our bricks from England, our flues from Ontario and use other specialized installations and techniques to ensure that this true art never vanishes. “Home is where the hearth is”.

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Just like chimneys, we specialize in using real stone, full-dimensioned stone and employ the true art of traditional masonry. Yes, there are many “manufactured imitation stone products” available but we prefer to focus on the traditional methods — using the latest in equipment to help us along the way.

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