Foundations & Waterproofing


While it’s often esthetic elements such as siding, roofing, landscaping and decks that get noticed the most, none of that means a thing without a solid and waterproof foundation.


Perimeter Drain & Foundation Inspections

At Flintstones, our specialized drainage crews devote their every day to doing high-quality drainage installations. All of our drainage installers are hand-picked by our professional production team and assigned to a project which best utilizes their talents.


Building Envelopes & Exterior Waterproofing

Over time, roofs, windows, gutters, siding, stucco, brick or concrete begin to wear and your home will become more susceptible to leaks, thermal loss and water damage. Left untreated, this can result in mold and other moisture-related issues such as rot and structural damage. Moisture is a major concern for the integrity of every home and a proper building envelope system will allow your home to breathe by releasing any trapped moisture to exit the wall assembly or prevent it from ever getting in. Performing preventative maintenance and fixing problems quickly is the key to avoiding an expensive renovation in the future.


Foundation Restoration & Underpinning

The bulk of homes in need of foundation repair and or structural upgrades, are typically older homes in areas such as Oak Bay, Rockland, Fairfield and James Bay. Some of these older homes have foundations that are constructed of stone and mortar. They are then either formed or pointed with concrete or mortar on the inside walls which in some cases is almost 100 years old. We are able to deploy a variety of techniques to help repair or restore your foundation and provide structural upgrades no matter the original construction-concrete, stone or block.


Perimeter & Surface Drainage

Defective perimeter drains are the most common source of basement flooding and foundation deterioration in Victoria. Debris, plant roots or old and broken drain tiles can cause improper drainage. As a result, rainwater can pool up next to your foundation, causing major problems not limited to flooding. Water damage can cause a multitude of problems, including dangerous black mold on the inside of your home, which can cause health issues for you and your family.


Crawlspace Remediation

Outside of being an excellent place for hiding household items we no longer use but refuse to part with, crawlspaces are often forgotten and neglected. Crawlspaces serve as a large conduit for your home, running a majority of your plumbing, electrical, furnace and ducting from one end of the home to the next. Your crawlspace can also make a suitable home for rodents and other pests which is why it’s so imperative to have it inspected regularly. Leaking pipes, disconnected ducting, mold and rodent droppings can affect the air quality in your home, which can lead health issues for you and your family. Call Flintstones for an inspection today and to find out how we can make your crawl space a safe and functional part of your home.

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