Working with homeowners to build their dream home is one of the most rewarding roles we can play. Building a custom home is an incredible opportunity to create the house of your dreams.

Flintstones are experienced custom home builders, tailoring a design to the client’s vision and taking into account the characteristics of each unique site. Our team’s passion for design, quality workmanship, and project management is unparalleled.

House with modern pool and extensive patio

What’s Possible

While the sky’s the limit when it comes to the scope of design, there are a number of restrictions that will help determine what can and can’t be built, or what is legally allowed on your property. Our priority is to provide you with realistic expectations of what will eventually be approved on the permit application and create the scope of what is possible for your home. Custom home design requires a high degree of personalized planning and consultation to ensure that your creative and functional requirements are taken into account. Our highly refined Pre-Construction process will show you exactly what is possible on your property.

Design Your Dream Home

Imagine a residence tailored to your family’s specific needs—from the layout and architectural style to the smallest details. Energy-efficient technologies, personalized spaces, and cutting-edge amenities—your new custom home will reflect your taste, values, and lifestyle.
Drawing on their extensive experience and material knowledge, our design team will propose architectural solutions that combine your designs with timeless visual appeal and unmatched functionality. Find out what international countries inspired this custom home or how these homeowners worked with architects to design their Westcoast Modern dream home.

Modern kitchen
Ocean-side home under construction

Remote Locations

When it comes to building in difficult or remote geographical locations, Flintstones are experienced market leaders. Many of the Island’s most spectacular properties are built on complex plots. From the waterfront to the mountaintop, these projects require exceptional technical abilities right through from planning and pre-construction, where the property will undergo the majority of zoning and authorities analysis, to the construction of the home itself. Find out how Flintstones came through for one frustrated client whose previous contractors had given up on the complexity of his Gulf Island waterfront custom home or how this architecturally designed home was constructed on the Malahat mountaintop.

Efficiency Standards

In British Columbia, energy efficiency standards play an important role in shaping sustainable home construction. These standards, governed by the BC Energy Step Code, mandate specific performance levels for new builds, promoting eco-friendly practices. When building a custom home, there are many ways to achieve optimal energy efficiency, like incorporating solar and geothermal technologies. Flintstones’ expertise will help you navigate decisions around items like strategic insulation, energy-efficient windows, and high-efficiency appliances. Embracing these measures not only minimizes environmental impact but also enhances long-term cost savings.

Modern white and gold kitchen


We have the vision, skills and resources to make any renovation project go as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our refined processes ensure you know exactly what is going on and that you are given all the information for every decision. Through project assessment and management skills, experienced teams of craftsmen, and knowledge of zoning, bylaws and building codes, the Flintstones team will ensure a renovation goes smoothly and seamlessly.

You can read more about our process here.

Budgets & Schedules

No one ever has extra time or money! We usually find one of these comes to the forefront as the primary concern. That’s why we make your schedule and budget the backbone of all project planning. Before we get started, we will have a high-level conversation about timelines, budgets and your specific project to ensure we’re aligned on general expectations. We’ll start by walking you through some of our previous projects that compare to what you want to do. When you are happy and want to move forward, we will start the design and feasibility phase. You can read more about our project planning process here.

Your project budget and schedule will go through two phases. The terminology we use here is based on the CCDC Agreement which defines a Class B budget as the “higher level” or “preliminary budget” and a Class A as the “detailed” or “finalized” budget. The Class B budget and preliminary schedule are an estimate based on the careful research we have completed during the design and feasibility phase. The finalized Class A budget and schedule accurately represent your exact project and the final decisions that have been made in the last phase.


Construction is when you see your build project come to life! The key people you’ll work with in this phase are your Operations Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator and Flintstones’ Director of Finance. They are responsible for providing clear expectations and communications throughout the construction phase. You’ll receive weekly, biweekly and monthly communication from your project team.
At this stage of our work together, we know what is possible on your property and we need to get formal permission, a permit, to do the work. Once the permitting is complete and we have finalized your Class A budget and schedule, your Project Manager and Project Coordinator will meet to review a “Start of Project” checklist to make sure everything is ready to go on-site. As we move into the construction phase, our team’s priority is to make sure you know exactly what is going on at your property at all times.

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