Working with our homeowners to build their dream home is one of the most rewarding roles we can play. Our team’s passion for design, quality workmanship and project management is unparalleled.

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Our Design

Meaningful and functional custom home design requires a high degree of personalized planning and consultation to ensure that your creative and functional requirements are addressed. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze our homeowner’s needs and develop innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Our team of designers apply their project experience and material knowledge to create architectural solutions that offer a combination of timeless visual appeal and unmatched functionality.

Our Tool Box

Our 3D models of the home allow our team to determine any challenges related to structural or mechanical design plans well in advance of the construction start date. This digital outline also provides significant value to the building phase as it avoids miscommunications and misinterpretations and the need for reworks through the construction.

Our Project Management

Our project managers and staff have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in all aspects of construction so you can feel confident your project will be well-managed and well-constructed. Utilizing both our design and construction services also saves you time and money. Flintstones ensures excellent communication and clear accountability.

Our Team

Flintstones offers a diverse team of skilled in-house tradespeople to ensure proven expertise as well as the efficiency of budgets and timelines for every project. Our in-house construction team, also allows us to optimize the building methods we require for each project and provide dedicated teams of professionals to each project.

Our Team