Exterior Facelift:

  • Permits, Engineering & Design
  • Contemporary Deck Rebuild with Extensive Glass Work
  • New Doors & Windows
  • Rain Screen & Weatherproofing Appliction
  • Rot Repair

Project Scope:
Waterfront homes are amazing but their proximity to the ocean means homeowners must be diligent with their home’s exterior maintenance. This stunning West Coast waterfront home was no exception. Flintstones was brought in to give this home a complete exterior assessment and overhaul. From permitting, engineering and design to completion, Flintstones handled the project with ease.

Location: Victoria



At first glance you would think this home doesn’t need any work. Unfortunately, close proximity to the ocean air and the elements of coastal living have their impact on a home’s exterior. Flintstone’s assessment of the exterior discovered significant rot, weatherproofing and building envelope concerns.The project called for extensive engineering and scaffolding to ensure the renovation was handled implementing best practices for construction and worker safety.



Flintstones recognized the importance of a solid design strategy prior to commencing the work on this home. Good design is the foundation for a well-planned project. It means that your investment is protected and your valuable renovation dollars are spent wisely. Flintstones worked closely with the homeowners to create a design solution that was functional and aesthetically beautiful.



This property is now future-proofed against the elements of our wild West Coast and the homeowners can rest easy knowing that Flintstones implemented best practices for weatherproofing, rain screen application and water damage mediation. The end result is a stunning waterfront home with a contemporary facelift and a new lease on life.

In Our Client's Words

A Job Well Done!

“From start to finish working with Flintstones was an excellent experience. From the beginning, we were impressed with the way Mike and his team approached understanding our goals for the replacement of our driveway and updating the stone facade of our home. They listened to what we wanted and helped us work through all the possibilities to create a project that fit both our aesthetic goals and the budget.

Throughout the project the team did a great job of communicating what to expect with each phase of construction, anticipating many of our questions before we could ask and promptly responding to any questions that came up along the way. The crew was fantastic, professional and polite, keeping the project moving with no wasted time and leaving the space clean and tidy at the end of every day.

Finally the attention to detail and workmanship shows in the final results. We are so happy with the quality of work and the integrity of the construction. We’ve been through a few renovations with a few different companies in the past and the work done by Flintstones is the best we’ve seen. It’s been our pleasure to recommend Flintstones to several of our friends.”

Tracy, Elliot