Complete Building Renovation:

  • Design, Engineering & Permitting
  • Foundation & Waterproofing
  • Structural Upgrades Building-Wide
  • New Windows, Plumbing, Electrical & Insulation
  • Full Automation for Lighting, Fireplace & Audio
  • Outdoor Living Space & Water Feature
  • Custom Millwork

Project Scope:

  • Complete building redo using the existing framing.
  • Rebuilt front face of the building.
  • Under pinned foundations.
  • Structural upgrades throughout the building.
  • All new windows, plumbing, electrical, insulation.
  • Detail 3d renderings for the interior and exterior.
  • Engineering.
  • Office spaces upstairs.
  • Showroom and meeting area downstairs.
  • One touch full automation for the lighting, fireplace, audio, and systems.
  • Water feature inside.
  • Full bed stone used throughout interior and exterior.
  • We built the millwork.

Location: Victoria



They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and boy did we have to dig deep to see the potential in this property. To say this was a complete building renovation would be an understatement. Using only the existing framing, the Flintstones team went to work underpinning the foundations, performing structural upgrades building-wide, replacing all plumbing, electrical and insulation as well as a giving the building a completely new front face. Having a clear design vision was imperative and, of course, we were fortunate to have an experienced construction team as well.



Without seeing what we started from, it’s difficult for clients today to truly appreciate the transformation. Our design vision for our showroom needed to be functional AND showcase our full offerings, capabilities and our own exacting standards. While the entire upstairs acts as our command centre for our administrative staff and management, our customers appreciate our showroom as an example of our craftsmanship and level of detail.



Our showroom serves as an example of the level of professionalism and expertise that we bring to every project. Custom designed and purpose-built to meet our growing company’s needs, our showroom acts as command central for our administrative and construction teams as well as a place to meet with our client base. The West Coast contemporary building offers dedicated meeting space for our customers as well as beautifully designed outdoor entertainment area. Drop by for a visit — we’d love to give you a tour!