Project Description:
Backyard Pennsylvania Bluestone patio retreat with stone stairs and Mediterranean garden.

Project Scope:
Patio, Steps and Garden

Location: Saanich

Project Story

Our client wanted to build a beautiful backyard patio area for her husband so he could sit and relax comfortably in the afternoon sun. The area chosen for the project had previously been used to store gardening supplies and a raised garden for vegetables.

Paul and Cory worked with Lynn to plan and design a well-thought out backyard oasis. Next, the master stone masons turned the design into a reality. The project went exceptionally smoothly, and the patio turned out even better than the clients had anticipated. The husband was truly grateful to his wife for her thoughtfulness, and grateful to the crew for their dedication to their craft.

In Our Client's Words

“Paul, I am so grrrrreatful to Daniel, John and Greg for their attention to detail and making this patio feature a wonderful Outdoor Nature Office (ONO). This is truly a work of art…these craftsmen addressed very detail and blended the stone, and the features into our Arbutus/Gary Oak environment. Thank you, Artists.”

Lynn & Terrance / Cyril Owen