A spectacular traditional basement renovation in beautiful Fairfield.

A Stunning Basement Renovation:
All designs, plans, framing, drywall, lighting, flooring, electrical work, custom millwork and wall units and more were completed by the specialized tradespeople and licensed builders at Flintstones.

Project Scope:
A spectacular traditional basement renovation with some unique special features in beautiful Fairfield. From start to finish.

Location: Fairfield

Project Story

This charming living space began as a blank, unfinished basement located in a 1912 home in Fairfield, was completely renovated by the Flintstones team. In this traditional style basement you will find a spare bedroom, bathroom, and a media room/children’s reading nook. You will also find special features for our client Laura, a health and fitness guru, such as a large yoga studio and gym as well as an infrared sauna and a steam room.

Our clients wanted the traditional look of the upstairs to carry down into the 1568 sq. ft basement and in order to do so, It was integral that we work with a structural engineer to ensure the integrity of the home stay intact while we renovate. Beams were required to support the ceiling of the basement and it was crucial that we kept the kitchen on the level above free from any damage. Working with an engineer allowed us to install the beams and work with the floor joists without any issues. What was an issue, was lighting in this below grade basement. Flintstones designers created a detailed lighting plan that focused on layering lights by mixing ambient, task and accent lighting with natural light to ensure the basement felt bright, open and airy.

In Our Client's Words

In Our Client’s Words

“I couldn’t be happier with hiring Flintstones Masonry to finish out the basement in my 1912 Fairfield home. The finished space is absolutely stunning! Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and the entire process flowed smoothly and as promised. They truly are the best!!! I’m already looking forward to having them help me with my next project!”

Laura / Cambridge