A Beautiful Stone Driveway:
Foundation restoration, rot remediation, waterproofing, concrete, sandstone steps and a new concrete driveway at this Oak Bay home.

Project Scope:
Foundation Restoration, Waterproofing, Concrete, Stonework, Driveway

Location: Oak Bay

Project Story

This Oak Bay home had plants and sprinklers sitting right next to it’s foundation that caused water to seep into the stucco and penetrate the foundation. What began as just a drainage problem, turned into a massive rot problem. In order to restore the water damaged foundation, Flintstones had to take a specialized approach. Our team had to remove the entire perimeter of the home’s building envelope at the base of the house. In doing so, we had to be extremely careful not to cause any more damage to an existing waterproof membrane at the bottom of the house when we cut out the stucco. Our engineers worked with us to plan and execute this foundation restoration so well that you wouldn’t even know we were there!

Our client Peter was so impressed with our work that he called us back to install a beautiful exposed aggregate driveway with light coloured borders, as well as a grand stone step entryway made of sandstone tile.

In Our Client's Words

In Our Client’s Words

“We hired Flintstones to add stonework to the front our home, and they did an extremely high quality, professional job, from sales to installation. They completed the work on time, were always responsive, and provided excellent customer service. They ensured that the waterproofing and scratch coat were of the highest standards, and everyone worked to the motto “do it once, do it right.” The quote was higher than expected but we are happy with the results, and now receive compliments from our neighbours about the superior workmanship.”

Peter / Beach