Project Description:
A complete renovation that breathed new life into this dated but much loved townhouse. The contemporary update is a unique tapestry of textures and patterns with quirky details that make this a truly individual home.


The original townhouse was in poor condition but the owners loved the location and wanted to update the home. They wanted the home they loved to reflect them and their lifestyle through improvements in the overall style and quality of the interior, as well as improving functionality and flow.


Texture and pattern play a big part in the style of this home, the dark colour palette in the kitchen and bathroom(s) adding drama to the interior. Updates to the layout and design of this home were made with careful attention to how the homeowners used the space and what they needed, where they would benefit from additional storage and what kinds of colour palettes would suit each room.


You’ll find the devil in the details of this bespoke renovation. The custom kitchen backsplash features recessed and projecting tile corners that cast dramatic geometric shadows. Marble countertops, horizontal sockets, alternating tile and wood flooring, patterned wallpaper and bathroom tiles, painted brick, a concrete hearth and custom wood cabinets with elegant stainless steel fixtures all contribute to the home’s unique appeal.