Mayne Island

Municipality: Gulf Islands

A waterfront Gulf Island home designed to withstand future climate threats

When the homeowner of a run-down beach house on Mayne Island came to Flinstones, he was fed up with other contractors who, lacking the expertise required to lead the complex project, had given up. A new build was not possible for the small beach home, so new plans took full advantage of the existing home’s parameters. The result was a spectacular home renovation designed to mitigate future climate threats like rising waters and rogue waves.

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Client objectives

The stunning location inspired this client to unify the interior with its surrounding environment. Features like commercial-grade standard glass windows, a glass deck, skylights and a floating make the surrounding ocean and forest a backdrop for everyday living.

Project challenges

This unique and challenging project required a contractor with experience negotiating the “red tape.” Before being able to build, Flintstones worked with the homeowner through the permitting and permissions process that took two years. Located on a low waterfront plot backed by a steep incline, approvals for this project included the CRD, Island’s Trust, the Ministry of Transportation and the Municipality. Flintstones brought in experts that ranged from marine biologists to geotechnical, structural, civil, glazing, and building envelope engineers to propose solutions to the many objections faced by the permitting bodies (turning “no” into “yes’”).

Renovating or building a new home on the Gulf Islands is complex. Major considerations include controlling costs, labour and materials. In this case, Flintstones had an on-site project manager who lived on Mayne Island. Accommodation and transportation were organized for trusted contractors; materials were shipped strategically to ensure efficiency and minimize impact on the Island. Not only does Flintstones plan and manage the full build, we ensure the project will receive the long-term maintenance and service it needs.


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