How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Over the years, our clients main concerns for undertaking a construction project are simple — time and money. Before we put a shovel in the ground, we’ll ensure that both the schedule and budget are clearly communicated and accurately reflecting your project. 

Before the work on your home begins, we complete accurate schedule and budget forecast documents. Once our work begins, we provide regular updates detailing actual costs and timelines in comparison to our forecasts. Lastly, we have implemented cost and schedule controls to ensure we meet all expectations. We like to refer to our budget and schedule documents as “road maps to success.”

Often our schedules and budget spreadsheets have hundreds of line items. Yes, these tools are complex, yet so is our industry. Our schedules and budgets will walk through your entire project specifically; line by line, helping us “simplify a complex industry”.

Let discuss your projects schedule and budget today.