Flintstones Construction owner gives back to Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter

Chek News Victoria

The Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter (KEYS) is a transitional housing facility for youth-at-risk in the Victoria area. The home is more than 100-years old, and requires significant renovation and repair.

The perimeter drainage system is blocked by tree roots, and the building foundation has significant cracking. Julie-Ann Hunter from the Victoria Youth Empowerment Society says the home is a vital support for desperate youth. “It’s a ten-bed shelter for youth that are 13 to 18. It’s that first step, maybe, when a youth doesn’t have a place to go.”

KEYS is a dorm style residential setting offering assistance 24/7, for up to seven nights, depending on the needs of the youth and their family or caregivers. “Maybe there’s been a family breakdown, maybe they need a safe place to come to while things get sorted out. We’re also here for our youth that are homeless in the community” says Hunter.