The Flintstones Difference


Our ability to, “Do it once. Do it right”, comes from our rigorous process. Our decades of construction experience have taught us the importance of due diligence. We examine each project from every angle, from permits & inspections to accurate scheduling & budgeting so there are never any unexpected surprises. We ensure that you are an active part in the process and are always informed and updated throughout your construction and renovation project.


Project Planning

As licensed builders with over 1,000 successful projects in Greater Victoria to our name, we have the experience and expertise to understand the importance of a well-planned project at any scale. For us, planning includes everything from open dialogue with our homeowner, to design, to permitting and planning with divisions of the municipal government and ultimately to the scheduling and management of your project through to  completion.


Project Management

Our project managers have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in all aspects of construction. You can feel confident that your project is being well-managed with exemplary attention-to-detail. Utilizing both our design and construction services saves you time and money. Flintstones ensures excellent communication and clear accountability.


Engineering & Permits

We use engineers to help with defining problems, conducting and narrowing research on building codes, analyzing criteria, identifying and analyzing solutions, and making recommendations for the best way to give you what you want. We have a team of trusted engineers that we’ve worked with for many years, and call on them frequently to provide solutions that we can implement, particularly when there are many facets to a project. You wouldn’t want us to build your foundation on a bed of clay – where it might sink unevenly in 5 to 10 years, resulting in a loss of your home that you have worked so hard for. We also acquire building permits on your behalf so you can feel confident that your project will always meet or exceed BC building code standards. Remember, we do it once, and do it right!



One of our primary beliefs is the importance of efficient and effective communication. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to get the job done right. From the beginning of each and every project, we establish strong lines of communication right from the get-go. We emphasize transparent and consistent updating and reporting at every stage of planning and construction. Utilizing both our design and construction services saves you time and money.



At Flintstones, our knowledge and experience, use of modern state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing commitment to keeping up-to-date on emerging technology are part of what sets us apart. In our ever-changing world, our industry is constantly being updated with new tools and technologies that make us more productive and efficient in all aspects of our business and processes. The result of staying on top of new equipment and technology, is greater efficiency, precision and an unparalleled level of craftsmanship for you and your projects. At Flintstones, we make a point of constantly keeping on top of new and innovative equipment. Having our own tools and equipment, vehicle fleet, large waste bins, dump truck, equipment trailers, and more, allow us to do the best possible work for you, efficiently and expertly.

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