The Flintstones Difference


We provide you with the best construction experience possible. With great care, we simplify a complex industry by guiding you through every step of a build project. From ideas to outcome, we bring your vision to life and help you create the home of your dreams. 

Trust and communication are at the centre of our relationships, making sure you are informed and updated every step of the way. We place the needs of people first, acting on a commitment to fairness, integrity and respect to our customers, ourselves and the communities in which we work.

Every project is a legacy that will stand for generations and add value to a home. We believe in the motto, “Do it once. Do it right.” We have honed our rigorous process through decades of experience, examining a project from every angle to present an accurate scope of work and eliminate unwanted surprises.

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Our Process

We have an expert team of in-house project managers who have worked on hundreds of projects in Greater Victoria and on Southern Vancouver Island. You will work with a project team to support and to guide you through the process, making it easy to follow through clear and regular communication.

Every project has its own individual process. A typical process might look like this:


During this phase, we want to learn about you and your family, your lifestyle and your vision: your must-haves, nice-to-haves, and your concerns and questions. Together, we will define your objectives for your future home build or renovations; agree your style preferences for finishes, features and the general look and feel of your home; and establish your budget for the project. We will create a design concept that best matches your requirements, style and budget. These initial sessions take place at our custom built facility and on site at your location.

Pre-Build / Project Planning

During this phase we can make sure that everything you want is achievable and determine what is possible on your property. This includes taking care of applications and analysis: zoning (to establish the size of build and environmental context), variances, building permits (to meet or exceed B.C. building code standards), hazardous materials and feasibility studies (to establish whether or not the project is viable, identify barriers or issues and reveal alternative options). We bring on engineers and specialised consultants to conduct and narrow research on building codes, identify and analyze criteria and solutions, and recommend the best way to achieve your vision.

Costing & Budget

A good budget and schedule are roadmaps to success. We pride ourselves on our financial forecasting, meticulous detailing and cost control. Before the work on your home begins, our team of project managers and an experienced certified accountant complete detailed and realistic schedule and budget forecast documents. Once our work begins, we provide regular updates detailing actual costs and timelines in comparison to our forecasts. Lastly, we have implemented cost and schedule controls to ensure we meet all expectations.


We want you to enjoy the build process and to feel excited about the progress being made towards your dream home. During this time, your project manager will ensure you are updated through weekly meetings to discuss progress and to address concerns or make any decisions. We maintain full transparency to your budget and schedule, reviewing updates and approving all trades and materials required. There are always changes to a project — it’s okay to change your mind. We make sure that any changes and their possible impacts are clarified, discussed and approved.


It can take time to adjust to your new home, and we want to make sure you settle into this space in comfort. Our team will continue to be on hand to address any “snagging” details that require follow up or completion. We follow up with our customers to find out about their experience living in their new environment and to help them forecast next or future build projects.