We’re a dynamic team of experts in all facets of construction. We’re here to work together and combine our strengths and many, many years of experience!

Our Mission

At Flintstones, our mission is to provide the best construction experience possible to our customer’s through high-quality construction, the finest materials met timelines and a commitment to superior customer service. We maintain a commitment to our customers, ourselves and the communities in which we work, to always act with fairness, integrity, and respect; placing the needs of people first.

We believe that trust is at the centre of every relationship we build. The product of our labour – cladding on a fine home, a restored heritage building, an elaborate landscape — is a legacy that will stand for generations. For that reason, we know it doesn’t pay to cut corners or take half measures. Mistakes last a long time.

Nothing less than extraordinary. We don’t settle for it and neither should you.

Our Team

Flintstones is a business with deep roots in the Victoria community. It’s important to know that we share your values: an unwavering devotion to quality workmanship, honouring commitments, and always acting with fairness and integrity. Meet some of the members of our “family” who are responsible for caring for your biggest asset – your home.

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We love our community.

Flintstones, like all exceptional businesses, is dedicated to giving back to the community that supports us. We do this through special projects, foundations and other good causes we feel passionate about. We take great pride in all projects we have been a part of; this section highlights some of the projects we have completed and community activities we are working on.

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Our History

Eric Lappnau founded what was to become Flintstones’ in 1969 when he moved to Vancouver Island from his native Denmark. Lappnau was a certified bricklayer who had experience building and restoring old-world buildings and homes. Lappnau quickly developed a reputation for his meticulous work and, as a result, had a large base of loyal customers.

In the mid-1990s, Lappnau recognized the entrepreneurial potential in 16-year-old Michael de Palma and took him under his wing. Mike quickly adopted Lappnau’s devotion to his customers and when Lappnau retired in 2007, Michael took over the company and renamed it as Flintstones.

Under Mike, Flintstones grew rapidly. In addition to continuing the traditional chimney and fireplace repair business, Michael expanded Flintstones scope of work to include interior and exterior home renovations, new home construction, outdoor living spaces, waterproofing and wood working. Today, Flintstones is even stronger with a professional partnership group comprised of a chartered accountant, estimator and experienced home builder.


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