Embarking on a renovation or building a new home is an exciting and complex undertaking. We have an expert team of in-house project managers who have worked on hundreds of projects in Greater Victoria, Oak Bay, and the Gulf Islands. Our team is focused on providing you with realistic and clear expectations at every stage of a project so that you are happy with both the process and the final results.

Our Process

Guided Experience

Our mission is to provide the best experience possible to our customers. With great care, we simplify a complex industry by guiding you through every step of your build project. Three simple values guide us through the process: Communication, Transparency, and Realistic and Clear Expectations. Our clients have continually told us that these are the most important attributes of working with a contractor.


No custom home or renovation project is the same. This phase is about gathering the details we need to plan your unique build and meet your specific needs. The scope of planning is important to us because it ensures your project will run smoothly and be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We want to make sure we iron out any complications or surprises early on and provide clear expectations before we start the actual construction work.


This phase is all about finding out what is really possible for your property. While the sky’s the limit when it comes to the scope of design, there are some restrictions that will help determine what can and can’t be built, or what is legally allowed on your property. We want to provide you with realistic expectations of what will eventually be approved on the permit application.


Until now, you have been working closely with the pre-construction team. At this point, your project will be handed over from the pre-construction team to the finance and operations teams who will oversee the next phase of your work with us.

Entrance to house with patio and brick column


As we move into the construction phase, our team’s priority is to make sure you know exactly what is going on at your property. You’ll receive weekly, biweekly and monthly communication from our team with a specific focus on the budget and schedule. Your project will have its own site management team to monitor, assess, and oversee all on-site activity.


Whether you’ve been living at your home and monitoring progress, or visiting the site regularly, upon completion we’ll walk through your home together to make sure you are happy with everything. You’ll receive a Home Care Binder that contains all the details we have compiled about your property. These include warranties, care instructions, paint codes, sub-trade information, drawings and other materials relating to your home.

Exterior of two-level heritage home


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