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Flintstones is a residential construction leader offering design and build services in Greater Victoria, Oak Bay, and the
Gulf Islands.

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  • A slightly different review, but an important one. Yesterday I was walking my dog along Mayfair Drive (Mt Tolmie), where some Flintstones Constructions workers were working at a house (as evidenced by a sign). My dog stopped to sniff, and I overheard a conversation roughly as follows: A newer employee consulting his coworker on the best way to accomplish a task, and his co-worker replying with 'whichever method allows you to do the job to the best of your ability'. Next, the newer guy asked his colleague advice about doing something and putting a tarp down first. The more seasoned guy mentioned it could cause a hole in the tarp, and the newer fellow replied 'I thought I'd double-fold it first'. Instead of telling his colleague not to, the more experienced guy says "The thing that's great about this company is that it's not about how long it takes to do the job, it's about how long it takes to do it properly, without damaging anything and to the best of your ability. So take your time, and really take pride in your work, and that will make everyone happiest". Neither of these guys knew I was listening, and it was really wonderful to hear that "do it once, do it right" is more than just a slogan, it's company ethos.

    Rayna C
  • Replacing our driveway and front walk and repairing a retaining wall was a very large undertaking and therefore needed to be done correctly the first time. We asked Flintstones to quote on the job and were impressed by the team, right from our initial contact. We appreciated their professionalism and very approachable manner when they came to our home. We were provided with very helpful suggestions regarding layout and design, and the process was well explained and cost-effective options were presented. All aspects of our project were addressed before work began, even the potential for unforeseen circumstances. There was always someone available to explain the scope of work and to address any questions we had. Flintstones is a very professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable team as well as being personable and considerate. Our driveway, pathway and retaining wall project was was completed on time and according to the quote. The finished project is strong, beautiful and adds value to our property. We enjoyed the process with the Flintstones team and we have already recommended them to others.

    Kirsten Meincke
  • It is a pleasure to work with the Flintstones team. As a sub-trade I also work with the homeowner and their dedication to their client and getting things done right is very apparent. Communication is also what stands out for me. As I have dealt mostly with Max, Mike and Anchal, I thank them for their prompt, professional and “work together” responses. I highly recommend Duncan Hunt Builder Sales Trail Appliances

    Duncan Hunt
  • I had Flintstones come to redo a tile deck that was leaking into a storage room underneath it back in 2011. (The previous job was done many years before and not done by Flintstones.) Mike was very personable, punctual, knowledgeable, and efficient. From start to finish, the work was done on time and there was no change in cost from the initial quote. Three years went by and I noticed water coming into that storage room again. I contacted Mike who recalled the job he had done years before. He was eager to figure out the problem and get it fixed. Over the course of many weeks, Mike and his team slowly eliminated different sources of the problem. They finally discovered the issue and work was done to fix that specific problem AT NO CHARGE TO ME. All of this was done under warranty. I do not know of any company (masonry or home improvement) that would provide this kind of service 3 years later. I would recommend Flintstones Masonry & Home Improvements to anybody! All of the employees I met were friendly, efficient, and seemed to love what they do! Thanks again guys!

    Cara S
  • We hired the Flintstones team to fulfil my dream of a front porch. The end result is beautiful, and we are very happy with the entire process. Flintstones listened to our needs and gave us a very thorough budget breakdown prior to the start.Their timeline was accurate and they did right by us when things did not go as planned. Trey was always very quick to respond to any of our on-site questions. And Max and Mike were also always on top things from the office. Everything was explained thoroughly throughout the process. The sub contractors that they used were professional and managed appropriately and we really grew to enjoy our build crew! Thanks to Jared, Landon and Dan for a job well done!

    Karen Esterly
  • I am a very happy recipient of Flintstones incredible customer service, company policies and process (very customer oriented) and exceptional craftspeople. They provided solid options to rebuild my brick chimney, were personally warm and professional and executed the work beautifully within the time and budget promised. I would not look anywhere else for any home renovation project. Thank you and best regards, Anne Campbell, Victoria BC

    Anne Campbell
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